PHOTOS: Photos of the Week: July 27- July 31

Check out some of the best photos from the last week of July.

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PHOTOS: Going for a record!

A team of grillers at Shona Grill in Bellows Falls is attempting to break a Guinness World Record by barbecuing for 36hours on Friday, July 31. Kristopher Radder / Reformer Staff

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PHOTOS: Vicki & Sticks play at Living Memorial Park

Vicki & Sticks Ethier, from Leicester, Mass., performs to a group of children at the Living Memorial Park in Brattleboro on Friday, July 31.

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PHOTOS: Milling of Atkinson Road

Crews from VTrans mill the top two inches from Atkinson Road in Bellows Falls on Thursday, July 30.

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PHOTOS: Lakes, Rivers, and Waterfalls, places to cool off when temps rise

Lakes, rivers, and waterfalls, people flock to their favorite spot to cool off when the temperatures rise.

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PHOTOS: Vermont Cannabis Collaborative

A group of people gather at the River Gardens in Brattleboro to listen to the debate on how to regulate cannabis when it is eventually legalized in Vermont.

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